Mikala Dwyer

Mikala Dwyer

Square Cloud Compound (2015)

Mixed Media

Born in 1959 Mikala Dwyer lives and works in Sydney. She completed a BA Visual Arts (Sculpture/Sound) at Sydney College of the Arts in 1983, studied at Middlesex Polytechnic in London in 1986, and completed an MFA at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, in 2000. Dwyer ascribes deep symbolic meaning to the objects and artifacts she works with, evoking them as spiritual signifiers and using them to herald a community.

Square Cloud Compound (2015) is an architecture of hope and despair, protection and punishment. The lampstands suggest totems, bird boxes and gallows. They are built in a constructivist style, in red, black, and white, some with black-and-white prison stripes.

The structures stand like sentinels guarding and supporting a space; a clumsy field of colour blocks or a huge pixelated canopy held by stretchy tortured stockings weighted in their toes with rocks, black beer, and vodka. All sorts of things hang off them- Bird boxes, ornaments, lights, plants, mirrors, and charms. The Bird boxes suggest an inhabitance; arriving or departing. The ghost of displaced birds might be heard in the woods nearby.